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Road Iron Magazine July 2013
   Harley's baggers are great riding bikes. Their ergonomics are first class, except that on long hauls, it would be nice to be able to move your feet around. The guys at Reading Design have looked outside the box and developed a set of rider adjustable motorized floorboards, which they call Road Rails. When we saw these at the Easyriders Sacramento Bike show, we were totally blow away.
   The Road Rails adjustable floorboards are unique in several ways. Their movement is controlled from a pushbutton switch (Grip Switch™) on the handlebars, and the brake and shifter pedals move with the floorboards. As the floorboard moves forward from the factory position, its front section angles upward to keep your ankle in its most comfortable position.
   Having seen and experienced the Road Rails floorboards, we wanted to see just what is involved in installing a set.
   For that we visited Tri County Motor Worx in Oxnard, California, and followed along as Shiloh Cantley installed a set on a 2009 Street Glide.
   Before we get started, let me say that after watching the install, it is not a job for a beginning bike technician; there are several unique types of parts to install, which require a number of adjustments to be made.
   The floorboards consist on three main elements; the actual floorboard assemblies; the motor assembly; and the electrical switch and wiring. The floorboards and pedals attach to the bike using brackets and hardware that is supplied in the kit.
   The motor assembly fits onto a tube that is mounted between the bike's lower frame rails. The control switch mounts on the handlebars' left side, in place of the clutch lever clamp. It was almost a full day's job to install.
   The completed bike has a brand new riding personality; it now has wide array of foot positions. The rearward position is in almost the exact location of the factory, the forward position is about 10-inches forward and articulated so that the front half of the floorboard cants upward. In-between these extremes are a variety of positions. The neat thing is that the rider changes the floorboards' positions with the push of a button.

— Wendell Christopher
Road Iron Magazine1. The Road Rails floorboard kit includes the two floorboards and the brake pedal and shift lever assemblies. Along with those major parts is the motor and its actuating cables, mounting hardware, and the electric switch assembly
Road Iron Magazine, Pic 22. Each floorboard is attached to the rear factory mount and a slotted angle bracket. The slotted brackets are centered via an Allen bolt. On the right side, a new brake pedal sub-arm is used to connect the brake's master cylinder to the arm of the floating Road Rail brake pedal.
Road Iron Magazine, Pic 33. The floorboards are mechanical works of art; they use a screw-drive mechanism that moves them along U-shaped round rails. As the floorboards move forward a milled slot lifts their forward edges upward.
Road Iron Magazine, Pic 34. The floorboards are installed as complete assemblies. Since this is the right side, the brake padel arm on the floorbard is fitted over the linkage pin on the frame-mounted brake pedal sub-arm.
Road Iron Magazine, Pic 35. The actuating motor is fitted between the lower frame tubes and clamped into place. Two flexible shafts are installed on the output flanges and run out the gear drives under the floorboards.
Road Iron Magazine, Pic 36. Because Road Rails has kept the underside of each floorboard very compact, the bike's ground clearance and cornering lean angle has not been changed.
Road Iron Magazine, Pic 37. This rocker switch, (Grip Switch™) which is mounted in a new clutch lever clamp, controls the position of the floorboards. Pushing on the top of the switch lever extends the floorboards forward; pushing on the lower edge of the button retracts them backwards.
Road Iron Magazine, Pic 38. This is the left side floorboard in the fully rearward position; compare this to the lead shot with the rider's foot where the floorboard is fully forward.
Tri County Motor Worx

Source: Reading Design - (909) 557-3860
Tri County Motor Works - (805) 983-6400
Road Rails - Road Iron Magazine
Road Rails - Road Iron Magazine
Road Rails - Road Iron Magazine
Road Rails - Road Iron Magazine
Road Rails - Road Iron Magazine Road Rails - Road Iron Magazine Road Rails - Road Iron Magazine Road Rails - Road Iron Magazine
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